Asha and the Spiritz - Music Inspired By the Book

by Assia

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Music Inspired By the Book "Asha and the Spiritz™"


released November 11, 2015



all rights reserved


Asha and the Spiritz™

A young girl's initiatory journey of discovery through India, off to unveil the mysterious powers of that regulate the mind and of the heart. An illustrated novel for young and old alike, Asha and the Spiritz is a quest navigating through faith and doubt, luck and destiny, reincarnation and other infinite possibilities. A fantastic tale of hope, courage and karma. ... more

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Track Name: All that I'm made of - feat. Assia
Moon is up
I’m leaving tonight
Rising up
Something’s been going wrong
Out of the way
I gotta make things right
Hear them say
I just got out of line

We got a way out
If we keep an open heart
Won’t be afraid
I’ll find a way

It’s written in the stars
The path ahead is ours
I take a vow
They can talk it doesn’t matter now

All that I’m made of
Led me right here tonight
I know it’ll be alright
All that I’ve dreamt of
Will lead me to the light
Will lead me to my life
You, listen to my heart now!

Looking up
I feel you’re with me
Won’t give up
Cause that’s what you taught me
Out of the shade
I’m gonna rise and shine
If I stray
I’ll follow the signs

Needed a way out
Now I can speak my heart
I’m not afraid
Hope leads the way

Used to feel alone
Scared of the unknown
I take a vow
Won’t look back cause it’s all over now
Track Name: Till I find my home - feat. Assia
I always thought that
I knew my destiny and all of my possibilities
I was so sure that
I already knew the song, but I had it all wrong

I didn’t know that
I wasn’t living free, fear had imprisoned me
Who would have known that
I had another karma, I wasn’t in the dharma

There are things that I can’t control
Now I’m sure that I know that
But I will dedicate my soul
To the journey that lies before me

I pray the gods will show me the light
Watch upon us all
What may be the odds, I will face the dark
And I won’t lose hope
I pray the stars will light up the path
And guide us along
I’ll keep on walking day & night
Till I find my home

I never thought that
I had to let it go
To see what the future may hold
I had to learn that
Everything comes and goes
Mysteries of life unfold

I had to find another way
Now I travel as light as a feather
And I will live from day to day
Never minding the weather

There are things that I’ll never know
Now I’m sure that I know that
But I will elevate my soul
With the journey that lies before me